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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 30, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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right now on "msnbc saturday," whiteout. snow and bitter cold sweep through the nation's midsection. it's now moving east. we've got live reports on the icy weekend ahead. change of venue. now the 9/11 trials will not take place in new york city. details on the reezs for the move. face to face with the opposition. the fallout from president obama, who came out the win jer. plus imagine the winter olympics without any snow. we're going to show you the plan in place to make sure plenty of white stuff is on the slopes. good morning, earn. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc saturday." it's 8:00 a.m. eastern. 5:00 a.m. out west. all that, plus how "avatar" may be sparking a 3d revolution at the box office. today, two-thirds of the country covered in a deep freeze a and ice and more coming. flights grounded. southwest updated its list of cancelled flights due to the winter storm. jetblue cancelled all of its
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saturday operations from charlotte, raleigh, north carolina as well as richmond, virginia. heads up on that. today more bone-chilling temperatures in the plains. over 150,000 without power in oklahoma. the governor declared an emergency for all counties and asked the federal government for help, and it was treacherous driving in tennessee. emergency workers responded to hundreds of car accidents and spinouts in at least six states. msnbc meteorologist ginger zee is joining me now with the live forecast. this one is, a lot of stuff to talk about. >> and already affecting airports, as you mentioned. not only cancellations, of course deeshgs lays. i've got the delays up here. luckily to the north and farther east, like boston and also here around new york, we don't have any delays, but, yes, in d.c. about an hour overall. that's the first affect. yes, a winter storm warning. this made its mark slowly the last three days across the country. luckily tomorrow it will be out of our hair, but right now all that coral color is where the
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heart of this storm is affecting. so virginia, north carolina. you're feeling it, and it's coming in many different stages. the rain, cold rain east of atlanta. northern florida, strong storms. then you have the sleet and the ice. that makes for the treacherous travel on the ground, too. expected snowfall, plenty of it. i heard earlier someone mention, at least the kids don't have to miss school. yop know if they're so happy about that but they will be happy playing in it, i'm sure. up to a foot of snow and above in the purple area. notice, the snowfall totals stop at one point and that's because a high pressure system is running into a big wall of cold air, and if you walked outside this morning, you felt it. it is extremely cold, especially here in new england, and the midwest. chicago had it a couple of days. you're fine. it actually feels colder than it is, too. so it feels like it's 9 below in artford a balmy zero in new york city and washington, you get the snow. feels like 10 right now. the saturday forecast, then, stays dry in the northeast.
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the far northeast, at least. temperatures in the 20s. but in the southeast, it's going to continue to be that mess with deal with, and then on sunday, everything clears out for almost everyone. it's still going to be very cold in the center of the nation, also the southeast going to be nice. not as trech arous. >> i heard that shout-out to all the viewers watching in chicago. >> they're fine. you're fine. >> man up. okay. ginger zee, thank you so much. more later. still ahead, we'll get a live report on the storm from north carolina. it's coming up in a few minutes. developing now, nbc news has learned the upcoming 9/11 trialless be moved out of new york city. two obama officials say the justice department is drawing up plans for alternatives to new york to try professed mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed and alleged accomplices. joining me, national security reporter for the "washington post." another good morning. >> good morning. >> the justice department announced the plans to try these suspects in manhattan in november. what was it about now that made
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them decide to move the location? what happened in the interim? >> there's been a collapse of democratic support for this idea, which seemed like just a winner a few weeks ago. now everybody's running for the exits. that includes, of course, the mayor of new york. dianne feinstein, chairman of the senate intelligence committee. everybody seems to think this is a bad idea, too expensivexpensi. not practical, so the administration had to say it's out. >> the cost, hundreds of millions of dollars. besides the backlash in concerns over security, how big a role do you think cost played into this? >> if you look at the number, they're really amazing. $200 million a year, and this might go on for several years. some say it could be a bill dollar trial and there's 30, 40 of these guys to be tried. i think just the costs were daunting and a real worry now, always in the background, that there could be a terrorist attack inspired by the fact you have this high-profile trial
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going on in manhattan. something you have to prepare for and it's costly as well. >> let's talk about the trial scheduled to take place in federal court. do you think the obama administration may be reconsidering this now, too, and could now consider moving it to a military court tribunal? >> that would be the last resort. they really want to have this in a federal, criminal court. the reason, it has tremendous symbolic value for the democrats particularly. they want to show that our system works. we can do it under our rules and values and shoppe the world, particularly the muslim world that we can have ruleses of evidence, we can have transparency, do this by the book and get a conviction and hope that will stand up. they don't want to do it in a military tribunal and will fight to the end. problem is, where will they put this thing? >> that's the $64,000 question. what if you heard about that, and does any of what you've been hearing include the small town of newburgh, new york, whose mayor says, look, we're 60 miles
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up from the city, from manhattan. about 60 miles's the hudson river, have a new facility in place. we think we could handle that. would that be considered? >> definite loin the radar screen. an air national guard base is there. doesn't have a courtroom, but they could build one. a matter of getting local support. if it's in the district, a reasonable place. they're considering it and other options including the eastern district of virginia, where moussaoui was tried and john walker lindh was tried. there are options, not the easiest in the world to arrange. >> okay. always a pleasure. thanks so much. >> thank you. new this morning, china is a spending military exchanges with the united states in protest of the u.s. plans to sell $6.4 billion in arms to taiwan. china sees taiwan as an illegitimate breakaway province and threatened to invade them if
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they tried to pursue independence. they plan to sell them black hawk missiles and mine hunting ships to taiwan. and the third day of an annual conference. the highlight so far, the back and forth between president obama and house republicans. one exchange on the budget was particularly pointed on both sides. >> at some point i know you're going to let me answer. >> that's the question. you were -- >> with all due respect, i've just got to take this last question as an example of how it's very hard to have the kind of bipartisan work that we're going to do. >> nbc's capitol hill correspondent luke russert joins me live from the conference with the very latest. another good morning to you. that exchange we just heard, how much is it indicative what goes on? this butting of heads and you're feeling progress because people are trying to make their points? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, alex. the president addressed that
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issue and said, how are we supposed to have any type of bipartisan dialogue when if you are seen to be working with me, the main party line is that you are at fought fault. alluding to point of charlie crist in florida, who hugged obama and now a prime example for the right to take out. what you continue to see, this, yesterday, how president obama won the day continuing to refute the republican arguments for an hour and a half. republicans tried to salvage their conference trying to put down they were the party of no. >> overall buzz about the party yesterday? >> reporter: you're -- >> i'm sorry. i guess we going to toss to something there. >> trying to run the -- what mr. penn said this morning on the "today" show, quite interesting. the fact that the republicans now can shed the label of the party of no. they actually have ideas.
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the president alluded to them in this talk with the house republicans yesterday for an hour and a half. switching the dialogue. it's not the president who won't communicate with republicans. it's nancy pelosi, folks like steny hoyer and even harry reid. very interesting, a pivot from them on that point, at the end of the day, though, a lot of folks say it was a brilliant political move for the white house to open this up to cameras allowing president obama to have one hour and a half on national tv to refute every single gop sound bite argument used gns him. really put him back in debate mode, which we know from long primaries with hillary clinton and from talks with john mccain, she quite a good debater, alex. >> bottom line, luke, my apologies, i stepped on that sound bite. >> reporter: that's okay. >> did you get a sense that the gop likes president obama? i mean, in terms of likability, his ratings remain high, and they'd like to work with him, but there are other democratic
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party obstructionists in the way. are you getting that sense? >> reporter: well, yeah. what was really interesting yesterday was, we here on capitol hill, house republicans, vehemently go after president obama. associating him with everything that's wrong with the direction the country is going. yesterday at the end of his speech, the 45 jomajority ran t front of the security line like the presence of a rock star showing he does have an appeal to politically minded folks. that said, i'm interested to see how long this goes, the dw feelings of the president from the house . >> we'll see what happens on that front with your help, luke russert. thank you. >> reporter: take care. >> you, too. you can all watch an msnbc special rebroadcast of the president's question time with the gop airing today at noon
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here on msnbc. a utah man in critical condition after deeg swept up in an avalanche while snoebls. buried at least 15 minutes before they dug him out from underneath some five feet of snow. the man was rescued from a hecht from a hard to reach mountain slope just north of salt lake city and flown to an area hospital. new this morning, toyota is now shipping gas pedal parts to dealers to fix the cars and trucks in the massive recall. the world's largest carmaker recalled millions of vehicles in the u.s., europe and china over faulty accelerators that could become stuck. toyota was sending them to factories but that angered dealers who didn't have the parts 20 repair their customers cars. they say toyota needs to move fast to rebuild trust with its customers. >> get it out in the open, lay out all their cars and say here's the problem, here's how we're going to fix it. not only that, to reassure those people, but also to build back
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that reputation that they have. >> toyota is buying full page ads in 20 major newspapers to reassure customers. still ahead, the family of an olympic bobsledder gets caught up in a housing scam. they won't be left out in the cold. we'll explain. plus new records for "avatar" and bringing new changes at the box office. president obama and his long-lost cousin. guess who's he's related to? that story coming up on "msnbc saturday." advisor:... ms. davis, this is onstar. i've received a signal you've been in a crash... i'm contacting emergency services... 911 dispatch:...onstar reporting a front end crash... on wakefield road... chevy malibu... fire/ems:...air bags deployed... ...injuries reported... advisor: ma'am, help is on the way...ok. and i'll stay on the line with you until they get there. automatic crash response. built into 15 chevy models. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more.
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today a foot of snow on its way to the carolinas and virginia. that he will to the weather channel's jeff morrow out in greensboro, north carolina. good morning to you. how your face? things pelting it still or a little better? >> reporter: it's okay.
8:16 am
i don't know if you can see it real well here, but there are these little ice sleet balls bouncing off of me here. when the wind blows it feels a little bit nastier, alex, but, hey, it comes with the job. i'm going to go ahead and move down here once again, now that it's gotten nice and bright. you can see over behind me, there are some cars out on the roadway. i'm going to step out and hope i don't get run over by a plow, but it's a little slushy. that's a little better for driving maybe than the snow pack roads you see behind me. i can tell you that interstate 40, which is up behind me here, one of the big interchanges from that, is also snow packed, and could be a real big problem. in fact, the north carolina department of transportation recommending that people stay home and stay off the roads. now, there are going to about few people that are out and about, but, alex, it is the weekend. hopefully a lot of people will be able to stay home and the kids, obviously, don't have to go to school and maybe can go out and play in this, as they want to do.
8:17 am
i want to mention, as far as flying, you would probably figure this would be the case, a lot of flights are cancelled in the carolinas. southern virginia. i know jetblue halted operations for richmond. raleigh and also in charlotte for today and maybe even tomorrow morning, until things clear up here and they can clear the runways and get the planes in position opinion so as would you imagine, this storm has wreaked havoc across the south. it's north carolina's turn this morning, but better news, alex. tomorrow the sun will be out and hopefully we can clear things out here a little bit, but one question for you. why is it that i'm out here and you're in the warm studio all the time? what's up with that? >> i'm nicer to the bosses than you are, apparently. >> reporter: oh! bribery. >> no. you know what, jeff? i'm glad you brought up the point as xbrjet blue. cancelled all flights out of the raleigh-durham, charlotte airports.
8:18 am
definitely cancelled that first round. so get on the phone to do that. southwest if you're flying, updated its list of cancelled flights. go to and try and find out what's the situation with your flight. it's a big, old mess. top that extent we will cover it again with you, jeff morrow. thank you. >> reporter: all right. see you, alex. >> okey-doke. today heavy snow in the mid-atlantic and a wintry mix for the carolinas. logon to for the latest on that. new this morning, china's furious over u.s. plans to sell $6.5 billion worth of arms to taiwan and says there will be serious repercussions if the u.s. doesn't immediately reverse its decision. joined now live by jon decker. >> good morning, alex. >> what serious repercussions might there be from china? >> they've announced two things. an end to all military exchanges between the two countries. don't know exactly what that means. also sanctions on the firms that
8:19 am
sell these arms and equipment and systems to taiwan. but beyond that, alex, i think going forward, it puts into jeopardy the visit by chinese president hu jintao to washington until april and more importantly as it relates to u.s. foreign policy it makes it more difficult. it complicates getting china's support for tougher sanctions against iran at the u.n. security council. i think that that is the sanction that they really hold over the u.s. beyond all the other things that i just mentioned. >> okay. let's talk about last night. the president and the house republicans, they went head to head, in the afternoon yesterday on live tv, a wide-ranging debate during the house gop retreat. it's been a winner here -- if so, who won? >> certainly if you talk to white house aides, they think the president hit a home run, and i think even republicans would acknowledge that the president did very well yesterday at this 82-minute long
8:20 am
meeting with house republicans. republicans say that they accomplished a lot as well. the president, democrats, accused republicans of being a party of no. of being a party of no idea, and what we saw yesterday during this remarkable session that was televised on cable television was that republicans time and time again talk about the alternative legislation that they put forward over the course of 2009 that wasn't accepted by democrats, that wasn't even looked at in some cases by democrats, and i think that if republicans wanted to get that message across, then they met their goal yesterday as well. >> except, you know, the president said, you have had good ideas. some of which i've incorporated already. so how much does that, then, go against efforts to paint the republicans as the party of no? because the president is saying, some of your stuff i'm bringing in? >> i think goes a good long way for the president. this is a very good week for
8:21 am
him. he a very successful by all measures state of the union address. he a town hall meeting in florida, he has another one coming up this coming week in new hampshire, and i think that the president, the white house, recognized that the president to some extent is in a bad position right now. his approval rating's at 48%, seen in a political rut after the loss in massachusetts, but these two events, the state of the union, the meeting with house republicans yesterday i think go a long way to energizing the white house, energizing democrats and essentially resetting the president and the way he's viewed by the american public. the big message, alex, is two independent voters, the one the spread trying to win over and trying to convince that he understands that the economy is in a very bad position right now, and he's doing all he can to turn it around. >> you're right. always coming down to the independents. jon decker, thanks.
8:22 am
>> thanks. a genealogist says president obama newly elected senator scott brown are related. a researcher says both men's mother trace back to richard singletary in massachusetts in the 1650s. genealogists at the new england genealogical society says the connection makes them tenth cousins and connecting president obama to seven former presidents. brown says he's glad to be in such distinguished company. still ahead, "avatar" new record at the box office. what a? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for special offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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the makers of "avatar" celebrating a record in worldwide ticket sales. the sci-fi adventure flick brought in $1.9 billion so far's staggering. the movie benefited from the steep rise in ticket prices especially for all the 3d showings and other movie makers are coming up way new strategy.
8:26 am
joining me with more, joe numar. all the numbers "avatar" is pulling in because of the difference between ticket prices? >> worldwide, 3d accounts for 30% but makes up 60% of revenue. think about that. movies like "titanic" in '97 don't have that same foot hold and the other movies on that worldwide list. "lord of the rings," "return to king." third "pirates of the caribbean" movie. may have been re-released accidentally, but those initial run was not that. and also remember for "avatar" its original movie much like "titanic" others of sequels. yeah. >> speak of squeals, the "harry potter" film, two more coming out based on the big book. is this going to be 3d? >> just announced this week. warner brothers dabbled with it,
8:27 am
with "the half-blood prince." had really some scenes in 3d. so they're doing that with "clash of the titans" and confirm that this coming week, "clash of the titans" will have it. yes, the last two harry potter movies coming out the end of this year and 2011 will have it, adding a big revenue for those movies as well. >> some of these films can be converted to 3d by comparatively not that much money. >> not that much. right. $5 million. sort of a worry a couple years ago this would cost tense of millions. it doesn't. a drop in the bucket. that increase in ticket prices as we just talked about worldwide, more than -- and 3d tv comes around. all of these platforms will absolutely support that. >> add another $5 million warner brothers expects to shell out for the glasses. >> right. $10 million, brings in a heck of a lot of money. will we see more? >> absolutely. imax, a marriage of two technologies. you'll see that, audiences, not that big of a -- interesting
8:28 am
it's not the novelty people thought it was, also not the strange, i can see 2d sort of thing. people want to see it in 3d. not freaked out guy. the glasses are not the dorky 1950s kind anymore. people want to see it and imax, "harry potter" a standard with. you're lit really in these movies. >> some of the movies, it make as huge difference. others not so much, but those, for sure. >> i totally agree. >> joe, thank you. >> thanks, alex. still ahead, after a warm january, the plan to make sure there's snow on the ground at the vancouver winter olympics. wd on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day
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8:32 am
expected today in virginia and across the carolinas. about seven inches of snow already on the ground in greensboro, north carolina. on top of that, an icy mix falls throughout the morning, making a mess for driving. more on the forecast. it's an important one today. nbc meteorologist ginger zee is joining me. a lot of things to deal with out there. >> we do. a fast-moving one, quickly getting out later this afternoon, but in its wake it's leaving a real mess. especially for drivers. anyone that has to travel this morning and anyone that has power, because power outages have been a major issue, and we've had that throat oklahoma, also the carolinas. there are the numbers for you. look, just a huge number. over 150,000 still in the dark at this hour. this in oklahoma. when it's cold, behind the storm, too, that's an issue. you get cold, all the ice and sleet. it doesn't show delays but we're hearing from jetblue and southwest they've cancelled flights. please, take the time and check before you go. and if you're driving, if you have to, take a lot of extra
8:33 am
time, because around raleigh, also virginia beach, tons of snow forecasted. speaking of, i've got numbers here for you. what to expect on top of what you already have. in philly, not too bad. a trace to two inches. sles more. sometimes that can make roads very slick too. north of there shouldn't be too bad, but up to a foot or more in that central virginia area. so overall, it's cold in the northeast. that blocks out all of the ice and snow. but the southeast, the carolina, the virginias, maryland, just a mess down there. we'll keep updating you especially on the airport delays. >> i'll wleept you said for those people, saturday's a big travel day. jetblue, everybody, the raleigh-durham, charlotte, north carolina, richmond, virginia, all flights cancelled out of jetblue as well as those in the first rounds tomorrow morning are cancelled. get to jetblue and get the information there. also southwest airline an update on but the affected areas of amarillo, little rock, norfolk, oklahoma
8:34 am
city, raleigh-durham and well as tulsa. if you're flying on southwest in those airlines, check that out. other airlines as well. not the only two dealing with the winter storms. so there's advice to all of you. also, if you have pictures from the latest winter storm, share them with us. send them to as we like to remind you, use caution when taking pictures of the bad weather out there around you. today in haiti, the desperation is growing. many increasingly frustrated with the lack aid to some areas. one illustration of that frustration. locals in the coastal town west of port-au-prince says trucks carries aid go right through their town and haven't stopped. mara schiavocampo joins me. what's tough about this, these truck, headed to another destination, but along the way they have to pass so many that are in need? >> reporter: yes, it is difficult, because the aid is, the need is so overwhelming and so it seems that the aid groups
8:35 am
are try to do the best they can and the result thus far has been uneven. in some cases, you are getting distributions that are orderly and they're effective. people get everything they need with no problems, and in some cases, as we've seen in the last few weeks, skirmishes here and there, people trying to get their aid and in some cases like you just mentioned, areas are missed altogether. not that they're missed, perhaps they are farther down the line in getting supplies. one of the concerns that the aid distributors have is for security. we've seen cases where aid was supposed to go out, scheduled to go out and be distributed to people. because they couldn't get sufficient securitity stayed in the warehouse longer than it should have. a factor to consider as well. when it comes to the overall food situation here, you are seeing food available for sale again. vendors are back on the streets in full force, seeing everything from cooked food to take-out, restaurants operating. people selling packaged foods, fruits and vegetables. everything is pretty much available again, but in this case, prices have skyrocketed. i met a woman at the market who was selling and said she's
8:36 am
selling her materials for as much as 50% than before the earthquake. another issue people are facing in trying to get their food. >> the rebuilding of homes. where is that happening and how effective is that? >> reporter: you know, this has just been fascinating to me, because people -- thus far the government and the organizations here are trying to clear away rubble. so there hasn't been an official rebuilding process beginning yet, but people are doing it on their own. you see people all over the city scavenging rubble sites. this is the rubble of collapsed buildings pulling out whatever they can salvage usable for rebuilding, 2 x 4s, nails, sheet metal, things like that, taking it to a clear and vacant space and building structures. putting 2 x 4ss up, making a frame, putting sheet metal on it and structures that are much more stable and protective than the sheet houses in the cities. may be fine for now and a better
8:37 am
solution than the tents put up but by no mean as long-term solution. this is an island pounded heavily during hurricane season, the rainy season can be brutal. these structures may be a temporary fit but this is not a long-term solution and that's something the government will have to deal with. >> nbc's mara schiavocampo, thanks so much. and remember, logon anytime to for more on the haiti recovery efforts overall. go to politics and the unprecedented tv showdown between president obama and house republicans. for more than 90 minutes the two sides faced off on everything from the national debt to health reform and the tone of washington politics. nbc's mike mckara is at the white house. inside because of the weather? >> reporter: you got it. >> right. let's find out. what's the takeaway from yesterday's 90-minute exchange there with the president? what's the buzz? >> reporter: you know it really was a remarkable encounter, alex that reminded the british
8:38 am
parliament and prime minister question time, an opportunity for everybody to air grievances against one another over everything that's transpired since president obama took office, but also an opportunity to pledge or at least promise to try to bury the hatchet in the coming months. for more than an hour yesterday, a lull in partisan warfare. amid talk of an election year truce i. am not an ideologue. i'm not. >> reporter: president obama traveling to baltimore, and into a political lion's den. >> keep your friends close but visit the republican caucus every few months. >> reporter: appearing before a house gop conference, mr. obama defended his record on the economy, and displayed lingering anger over the health care fight. >> frankly how some of you went after this bill, you'd think that this thing was some
8:39 am
bolshevik. >> reporter: it's fast becoming a partisan issue. both cast the other as the aggressive. >> i can look you in the eye and tell you we have not been obstructionist. >> they didn't send us to washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. >> reporter: republicans began the session by presenting the president with a booklet of their ideas. as many complained that mr. obama spent the past year ignoring them. >> multiple times from your administration there have come statements that republicans have no ideas and no solutions. >> reporter: other sore spots remain. at the top of the list, jobs, and thousa and how to create more of them. >> will you consider across the board tax relief? >> reporter: the president calculates the $787 billion stimulus a target of republican attacks resulted in 2 million new jobs and hit back at gop critics of the plan. >> a lot of you have gone to appear at ribbon cuttings for
8:40 am
the same projects that you voted against. >> reporter: alex, the question is, what will come of all of this, this extraordinary 90 minutes we're talking about here that took place yesterday in baltimore? as far as we know, it's never happened on camera. times when presidents have gone to meet with members of the opposite party but always behind closed doors. an extraordinary glimpse into the give and take and animosity characterized washington politics over the course not only year but past several years. house republicans really believe they are going to take back the house. take a swing of 46 seats come november. democrats are going to do everything they can to prevent that. so the question is, will that impulse, the partisan impulse in an election year, will that be overridden by the urge to get something done on health care, on energy, on financial reform, on a jobs bill? that's the big question and the big question is still hanging out there, alex. >> you mentioned the extraordinary nature of this, let the viewers know, when we go
8:41 am
off the air, at noon, replay the question and answer time. that's coming up at noon. another question. what's happening in about 45 minutes apparently? george w. bush meeting with the president in the oval office? what's this all about? >> reporter: incorrect, ms. witt. george h.w. bush. 41. >> oh. anyway -- but what's going on? >> reporter: it's funny. because there is sort of this communication, back channel communications, not back channel, but we don't hear about them as often as they take place between former presidents. it's sort of a fraternity, i guess you have to call it, and occasionally they drop by when in washington to have private time with their successor here. the most recent president, of course, barack obama. president clinton was here for just such a meeting a couple weeks ago. in between, his meeting in the rose garden, that was in public over the haiti relief fund with george w. bush as well. sort of a periodic checking in,
8:42 am
as best as we can tell. no heavy policy matters on the table, but something that presidents do from time to time. former presidents and the present president, alex. >> okay. from now on the rest of the morning, say bush 41. okay? that's what i'll say, just to be clear. okay. >> reporter: all right. don't get sore. >> see you in a bit. meantime, olympics news now. family and friends of a u.s. olympian getting money back after falling victim to a housing scam. the parents of bobsledder made a deal for their 11 party. after sending in a deposit and final payment, the person they were dealing with vanished. >> phone number, stopped working. started going straight to voice mail. no response by e-mail. >> the families received more than dozen offers for free housing. procter & gamble will cover the loss, that's despicable. meantime this morning, fresh predictions which country will bring home the most medals from
8:43 am
the vancouver game. a college professor create add formula that successfully predicted medal counts for the last two olympics. there are five factors daniel johnson takes into account. a country's population, income per capita, political structure, if it's in a cold climate and if it's in a host country. so for vancouver, johnson predicts canada will lead the medal count with 27 and the united states and norway will tie with 26 each. the formula predicts to be 95% accurate in the past. go figure. we'll see. later this hour, some deals still available if you're planning on watching the vancouver games in person. still ahead this morning, the latest on toyota the massive recall. has the company come closer to solving the accelerator problem? that's key. the story in our next hour. missing something? now at sears optical, get 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99. or take a year to pay. sears optical. don't miss a thing.
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she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. now, that is north carolina, greenboro i believe. charlotte. that is a traffic cam showing a
8:47 am
bit of the mess on the roadways. lots of messes on the roadways in that area, because of this fast-moving winter storm, wreaking havoc in the skies everyone. telling you all morning about the cancellations, pretty widespread through jetblue and southwest. other airlines as well have had cancellations. it you're taking to the skies in that part of country today, call ahead and make sure that flight is even moving. more details on the flight cancellations coming up in the next half hour. yaup date you on this developing story. nbc news learned upcoming 9/11 trialless not take place in new york city. besides the backlash from residents and politics about potential safety concerns, a letter by mayor michael bloomberg says the city would need a whopping $200 million per year for security. and the trial could last for years. joining me here in the studio, nbc news military analyst jack jacobs. >> good morning. >> what do you think the concerns are really all about? is it about keeping new york city residents safe?
8:48 am
is it about the money? i mean, that's a huge figure, staggering. >> security isn't cheap. it certainly isn't free. it definitely wouldn't be cheap in this circumstance and, therefore, it's about the money. even though manhattan is an island, you'd have to secure the place. coming into manhattan would be like going through tsa to get on an airplane for everybody. they would have to be searched, get rid of trash cans. >> checkpoints. come on. >> yeah. when you do that, you have have to have police overtime, hire special police, renta cops and it would have the effect of ceasing economic activity anywhere in lower manhattan. it would have a huge financial burden on new york over and above the cost of the cop, because economic activity would drop dramatically. >> look, those security risks way trial like this, no mat wrer it takes place. where's the safest place for a trial like this? >> guantanamo, quite frankly, and the president's desire to close guantanamo scotched by the
8:49 am
congress, didn't want to allocate the money for it and now the president's own panels recommended that there are probably about 50 inmates down in guantanamo who should never be released and never be tried. the whole idea that we bring khalid shaikh mohammed to new york or any other place for a federal trial is really to satisfy a political campaign promise that cannot be satisfied. i think a lot of it is the intellectual work of the president an the intellectual work of the attorney general. >> an emotional backdrop offered there. putting these guys on trial in the shadow of where they did the damage? >> but a large portion of the public doesn't want to put them on trial anyway. like i said, the president's only panel said there are 50 of these people who should be thrown in these cells. the prison compound. thrown in the cell, key thrown away and never, ever be released or go to trial. very dangerous people.
8:50 am
some people that have been released, killed or captured them again. bad idea to bring this guy in and now here's a good justification it's going to cost much, too much money. >> thank you. still ahead, the last-minute travel deals to the winter olympics here on "msnbc saturday." here's your weekend weather forecast. ice, sleet, snow. a whole bunch of things. winter storm warnings stretching from the tennessee valley to the carolinas. it's messy there. cold in the northeast and midwest. as far at sunshine goes, you'll get it by the time we reach sunday. catch us at for all the latest. (announcer) powering that fan is one little battery...
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there's one problem for the vancouver games. it's a lack of snow on cypress mountain. one of the warmest januarys on record causing problems at venue because the mountain snow has melted. organizer, trekking in snow from the north, piling it on hay bails and creating a firm base there. fortunately, the courts, pretty narrow and only use a small but lower part of that mountain which is part of the problem. meanwhile, you can still get a firsthand look at the olympics going to vancouver, if you don't want to watch from the comfort of your couch, you could be right there in olympic stadium. the senior travel editor for
8:54 am
travelocity joins me. you can get right there in the stadi stadium? >> there are tickets available to certain events. the opening and closing ceremonies the most expensive. you can get tickets to some figure skating events and ice hockey events. you know, where there's a will, there's a way. you want to go to vancouver to see every ticket still available. >> how about the deal overall? package deals. can you still get one? >> deal is a relative term. right? an event the entire world is watching and dream event for many, many people to go to. that said, there is hotel availability. in whistler, hosting the alpine and nordic ski events. it will cost about $1,200 a night, but you get a $200 food and beverage credit. the fairmount chateau, beautiful place. they have some availability too. van koor vancouver, tight. outside of van conceive, one in particular, barn barnaby.
8:55 am
>> you got get in from that area? trek into that area? >> something to keep in mind. an effort to green these events, no parking is allowed at the stadiums. so what they're going to be doing, increasing public transportation. offering free shuttles to anden from events. make sure if you're going there, talk to your hotel about getting a permit to access roads, parking permits. you'll need those. >> things that are no longer available? i mean, you can't get really good deals? those are long sold out, right? >> yes, and some of the most high profile events are sold out. that said, today on vancouver 2010 dotcom, another auction for the most high profile events. check that out, and if you're the highest bidder, can you get there. >> okay. flying there, or training, or driving. what's the best way to get into vancouver? >> the easiest way to get there, fly to vancouver, but i can tell you direct flights cost as much as $2,400 round trip. save a lot of money taking a connecting flight.
8:56 am
one-stop connection, get there 800 from new york, a little under $ 00 for a two-stop connection. amtrak train or bus service for as low as 40ds one way or drive to vancouver, but make sure you know requirements for traveling over land between the u.s. and canada. a passport, a driver's license will not cut it. go to to find the acceptable documents. >> very good reminders. jennifer shaw brown, thank you very much. >> thank you. we're going it take a look now -- first of all, 13 days and counting before the start of the vancouver games. watch the excitement on nbc. as we look at the -- there's that. they are moving to the charlotte-douglas international airport. i think. we'll get there. anyway, because we're talking about the deep freeze covering much of the country, lots of airport delays and cancellations. treacherous driving. updates and live reports coming up next on "msnbc saturday."
8:57 am
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